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The gourmet table the Mogador
Castle Matinet
Ambassador of French gastronomy Selected by the smart little 2016/17/1/19 The greedy table the Mogador will make you taste a bourgeois kitchen in the Provençal and Lyonnaise hue
We modernize our menu All the team offers 2 menus: Amélia with formulas And Rodolf on order for all the table. A vegetarian menu to ask. A child menu.
For allergies ask and specify your allergies we will prepare your dishes accordingly We wish you a pleasant time.
All our dishes are prepared at the base of fresh products of your order which will give you perhaps a little wait we thank our producers:
Meat and French dairy product.
Fruits and vegetables of our friend Vincent.
Cheese from Mm Deal (best worker in France) from Vaison
ice cream and sorbets from Ribambelle de Vaison

Amelia Menu 29 €
Chipote-ries and snack foods
Prelude greedy
The Provençale small flakes with flavors of the Mediterranean and Ardèche compote of Roma Or Brunoise of September strawberries and pineapple and carpaccio of scallops with pink berries (suppl 4 €) Or the treasure of our low-class mini hamburger walk in the orchards of Caromb (suppl 4 €)Or Casserole Fight of Gastéropodes parmesan
The half prince of the barnyard with garlic cloves of Piolenc
Or Carre "of Ventoux Pig in olive crust
Or Bouille Lowers of Mediterranean fish fillet according to delivery
Or Royal piece of Charolais René Berges way for Paul Cezanne (suppl.6 €)Visit to Vincent's kitchen garden
Dieulefit Goat Cheese Casserole and Her Mouillettes Or Fragrance of Our Countryside in Mrs. Deal's Green Enclosure
Or faisselle with honey and beggars or with cream or with fruit coulis
Or the beautiful pear Helene by Mr Escoffier for Hortense Schreier
Or the crème brûlée with rose petals
Or pie in the surprises of the orchard way the Ladies Tatins
Or gourmet Provence revisited
Or the sorbet cut of our Glacier Mâitre Ribambelle
Or Eclair with two chocolates ***
Formulas in this menu
Entrance and flat; € 24
Dish and dessert; $ 21
Entree and dessert; $ 18

Rodolf Menu 48 €
(served by reservation and for the table)
Chipot-eries and snack foods
Prelude greedy
Crème brûlée with the flavors of the Lace
The Provençale small flakes with the flavors of the Mediterranée and Ardèche stewed from Roma
Gastropod crumble with Parmesan cheese
The half Prince of the barnyard with garlic cloves
from Piolenc
Visit to Vincent's kitchen garden
Dieulefit goat's cheese casserole and its mouillettes
Gourmet Provence revisited

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from 3 days minimum 15 on the room