the joys of autumn and winter in Ventoux

Mont Ventoux, guardian of Provence



From December and sometimes earlier, Mont Ventoux is loaded with snow and seems calmer. Nature gets in tune with the winter and works in slow motion.
Let us hike on snowshoes like trappers in a cozy atmosphere and a preserved natural environment. The animal life traces and clues will no longer hold any secrets for you. We will discuss the great adaptations and strategies that animals have in place to survive the winter mountains.
The ridges are gradually revealed and it is a good opportunity to drink a hot tea facing the magnificent snow-capped peaks of the Alps.

White peaks and cherry trees: walk on the Ventoux
Its silvery silhouette stands out from the laughing lands of Provence and can be seen more than a hundred kilometers away, like a lookout enthroned above lavender and cherry trees. Mountain of storms and heroes, Mont Ventoux is a legend from the South. Travel to conquer the pale giant.I will tell you about my most beautiful hike on Mont Ventoux, and will reveal to you where to see the famous Ventoux cherry trees… what to see around Mont Ventoux?
To the north, you are offered the landscapes of Drôme Provençale: the ancient vestiges of Vaison-la-Romaine, the olive trees of Nyons, the hills of the Baronnies and the charm of their most famous village, Buis-les -Baronnies.

To the south, you are in Vaucluse, in the country of Carpentras. Carpentras, pretty town in the middle of the hills, the villages of Bédoin, Montreux, Pernes-les-Fontaines are worth the detour.

Mont Ventoux is the guardian of Provence, kingdom of the mistral and white stones. Cherry trees and secrets of Ventoux, itineraries and travel in photos.
Bédoin village

It is also the land of the famous lace of Montmirail - between vineyards and hills crowned with majestic ridges, the land of Gigondas, Beaumes-les-Venises, Lafare promises beautiful walks. Do not miss the hilltop village of La Roque-Alric. from Seguret

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