the Gourmet table MOGADOR turns into a table d'hôtes the next time it opens

The gourmet table Le Mogador following new standards
From the future opening
we will only receive our guests from the rooms on the evenings of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Possibility of reception Wedding Batheme Communion Birthday Group on reservation noon and evening every day
and unique menu for the whole table
Table d'hôtes menus at 28
greedy prelude
Dish and its vegetables
Menu to be defined together inquire
At the reception or by phone on 04 90 70 94 98
or email

Ambassador of French gastronomy Selected by the little smart 2016/17/1/19 / 20 The gourmet table Le Mogador will make you tastea bourgeois cuisine with Provençal and Lyonnaise tones

For allergies ask and specify your allergies we will prepare your dishes accordingly. We wish you a pleasant moment.

All our dishes are prepared with fresh products from your order which may give you a bit of a wait.We thank our producers:

French meat and dairy product.
Fruits and vegetables from our friend Vincent.
Cheese from Mm Deal (best worker in France) from Vaison
Ice creams and sorbets from Ribambelle de Vaison


Sustainable development is more relevant than ever. As a responsible business leader, we have built our offer by minimizing our environmental impact.For this, we offer a short menu based on local products.

old rules to apply in restaurants we have no date and no new rules for the moment
The profession had put forward proposals upstream to avoid a closure of the entire CHR sector. The government has retained some to strengthen the health protocol.

Restaurant owners must now:
  • Only offer seated service at the table .

  • Systematize payment at the table .

  • Write down customer contact information in a ""reminder book"" . These will be destroyed every fourteen days. Objective: to make customer data available to the Regional Health Agency or Health Insurance if they need to trace contact cases. This book will be set up at the entrance to establishments and will condition access to the restaurant.

  • Provide distributors of hydro-alcoholic solutionat the entrance to the restaurant and in easily accessible places.

  • Display on their front the maximum capacity of the room . This information will be included on the restaurant's website.

  • Limit the capacity of a table to six guests , instead of the eight proposed by the profession.

  • Make sure customers wear the mask at least until the first course is served.

  • Make sure that the employees wear the mask .

  • Temporarily close the changing rooms .

Two proposals rejected by the government

  1. The High Council for Public Health recommended the establishment of a distance of 1.50 meters between the tables , instead of the meter provided for in the June protocol. The profession has obtained the withdrawal of this measure, which threatens the economic viability of restaurants.

  2. For their part, professional organizations had proposed aSystematic temperature measurement at the entrance of the establishment for staff and guests. They also suggested screening for Covid-19 of all employees in the sector. Measures also ruled out.

The measures of the June protocol still in progress

  • Customers must be seated in the establishment and encouraged to limit their movements. It is therefore forbidden to consume drinks standing in the dining room or on the terrace.

  • The room staff must not wear gloves and must have hydro-alcoholic gel available.

  • Barrier procedures must be strictly applied in the restaurant, both in the dining room and in the kitchen. The ventilation rules established by the health regulations relating to commercial catering must be strictly observed.

the rooms with breakfasts in organic parties have very attractive prices
with discounts for several nights
from 110 € (la Moliere)
122 € chateau rooms (Louis Philippe or louis XV °
135 € superior room or suite (Napoleon III, Amelia, Julia)
and 90 for the new cottages (2 people) minimum 7 nights

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